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Anonymous said: hey, i watched this palestinian film a few years ago that i was really moved by and want to recommend to someone but i absolutely have no idea any longer what it was called. i just remember it was about some children whose job it was to remove mines from fields. sorry for not being more specific, that's literally all i remember but does it ring any bells?


This sounds really familiar to me but I can’t get a name to come up. Does anyone know?

If it’s a documentary I would check out Films For Action, they have a plethora or films.

Anonymous said: No such thing as reverse racism huh? What do you call this whole blog? IT IS RACIST TOWARD WHITE PEOPLE. You don't want peace, you want POC to be the top. As a human race we should have no top race. Just people as a community. People like you are the reason we don't.


People like us, meaning people with a blog, are the reason we don’t have the human race being equal? This idiot really thinks that a blog is racist for calling out offensive actions of white people and that we’re the reason that the “human race” has a top race..? White people, as they have shown for centuries, have always thought they are the top race; hence why white supremacy is the basis for all the obstacles and racism that POC face today. All the shit white people have done for centuries to become a top race and all their horrendous actions still benefit you and other white people today while POC continue to suffer and be discriminated against in so many aspects of life. All we do is tell people to not steal and make a mockery of cultures on the internet, but that is too offensive for white people. Yet we POC are constantly being discriminated against because of our races in almost every aspect of life (jobs, education, laws/policies, violence, etc.) in the real world. 

- Farah

I really enjoy the one person who reblogged this and essentially tried to justify how continuing white supremacy is legitimate and the argument that if one goes to school and tries to “change the laws” that prevent this structural violence, all will be solved. But before one wants to call another a “white hating bitch”, they might first want to proofread and use the correct form of your. Hence, the phrase should be “you’re a white hating bitch”. Ignorance at it’s finest moment.

A little 4:30 cafesito 💜✌️😌☕️

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my people were slaughtered so you could wear an imitation medicine pouch and dream catcher earrings. i hope that makes you feel terrible

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"tribal" - like, you’re all the same, right? like Africa and Asia are all one place? vomits.                        

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loitering is basically the illegal act of existing while not spending money

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While back but pretty sick graduation present. 💜👌

Happy Father’s Day!

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